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20 October, 2011 Posted by Heather Posted in Awards and Recognitions
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CloudFlare Named Most Innovative Network & Internet Technology Company

This Monday (on October 17, 2011), CloudFlare, one of the leading web performance and security solutions providers, announced that for its innovative website optimizers and web security features that protect websites against cyber attacks, the Wall Street Journal had named it the Most Innovative Network & Internet Technology Company of 2011.

Started in September 2010 and in almost a year of its launch, CloudFlare is now used by more than 100 thousand websites and it delivers more than 15 billion pages per month from its 14 data centers. Since its launch, the Company had stopped more than 100 billion attacks with its security offerings and the CDN leverages the Company’s global network to speed up page delivery, and it is these features and offerings of CloudFlare that made it recognized as the Most Innovative Network & Internet Technology Company of 2011.

The CloudFlare management mentioned that it was honored to be bestowed with Wall Street Journal’s Innovation Award and that the Company would continue its efforts to help improve performance and security of all types of websites.

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