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16 February, 2012 Posted by Heather Posted in Agreements and Collaborations
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LANIC Collaborates with NTT Communications

Last Thursday (on February 9, 2012), NTT Communications, one of the leading providers of global network connectivity services and Content Delivery Network solutions, announced that it had agreed to collaborate with the Lao National Internet Center (LANIC) for providing the ISPs in Laos with better global connectivity by allowing them to leverage NTT Com’s Tier-1 network.

As part of this partnership, NTT Communications will work with LANIC and establish direct connections to its Tier-1 network from the latter’s infrastructure. Since LANIC manages all the exchange points and works as the global gateway in Laos, its working with NTT will allow it to make an International Internet Gateway (IIG) through NTT’s network, and all the local ISPs will connect through it. Apart from providing low latency and reliable connection, NTT will also help the local ISPs to move to IPv6 and improve their network security.

Both LANIC and NTT mentioned that they were happy with the development, and NTT mentioned that it would continue to help government agencies of emerging economies with their IT-related endeavors.

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