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LANIC Collaborates with NTT Communications

16 February, 2012 Posted by
Last Thursday (on February 9, 2012), NTT Communications, one of the leading providers of global network connectivity services and Content Delivery Network solutions, announced that it had agreed to collaborate with the Lao National Internet Center (LANIC) for providing the ISPs in Laos with better global connectivity by allowing them to leverage NTT Com’s Tier-1 […] Read more»

CloudFlare Unveils Plugin to Protest SOPA

18 January, 2012 Posted by
Yesterday (on January 17, 2011), CloudFlare, one of the leading providers of Content Delivery Networks and web security features, announced the launch of its tool, a Stop Censorship bookmarklet, which can be used by various website owners irrespective of their being a CloudFlare customer or not to protest against SOPA. The House of Representatives are […] Read more»

IPv6 Gets Support from Akamai and Limelight Networks

17 January, 2012 Posted by
Today (on January 17, 2012), Akamai and Limelight Networks, two of the leading providers of Content Delivery Network solutions and web optimization services, announced that they along with various other web Companies and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are collaborating together to roll out their products to IPv6 permanently by June 6, 2012. With more and […] Read more»

TeliaSonera to Support Combat against Child Abuse

17 December, 2011 Posted by
This Thursday (on December 15, 2011), TeliaSonera, one of the leading providers of telecommunications and other network services and Content Delivery Network offerings in Sweden, announced that it is working with Swedish Police and has created a technical solution called Child Safeguard, which allows telecom operators and ISPs to block pages with child abuse images. […] Read more»

Level 3 Communications Expands further in Mexico

14 November, 2011 Posted by
Today (on November 14, 2011), Level 3 Communications, the leading International provider of fiber-based communication services, announced that it has expanded its services and network capabilities in Mexico to reach out to the growing broadband demands in the region and serve the local businesses better by providing them with high-speed, reliable connectivity. Level 3 Communications […] Read more»

CloudFlare Launches Automatic IPv6 Gateway

28 September, 2011 Posted by
Yesterday (on September 27, 2011), CloudFlare, one of the leading providers of web performance and security services, announced the launch of its Automatic IPv6 gateway offering. By making use of this gateway, any website owner can have his website on the new IPv6 Internet, without having to make any changes to their underlying IPv4 infrastructure. […] Read more»

Pando Network Provides Report on Global Internet Speeds

22 September, 2011 Posted by
Today (on September 22, 2011), Pando Networks, one of the leading providers of Content Delivery solutions that optimize the delivery of online media assets, announced the release of its findings from the Global Internet Speed Study. This report considers more than 27 million downloads on 20 million computers across 224 countries, thus providing a pretty […] Read more»

EdgeCast Networks Joins OpenDNS and Google for Faster DNS Lookup Initiative

5 September, 2011 Posted by
Last Tuesday (on August 30, 2011), EdgeCast Networks, the world’s fastest and most reliable Content Delivery Network services provider, announced that it is joining OpenDNS and Google in a bid to improve the performance of web content by improving the way in which the Domain Name System (DNS) handling is managed. The major problem with […] Read more»

Akamai Unveils Latest State of the Internet Report

30 July, 2011 Posted by
This Tuesday (on July 26, 2011), Akamai Technologies, the global leader in Content Delivery Network and cloud-based optimization solutions, announced the availability of the latest “State of the Internet” report. Since Akamai delivers 15-30% of global internet traffic, this report, which also covers the data from Q1, 2011 provides various usage information, internet statistics and […] Read more»

CDNetworks Unveils Dynamic Network Acceleration Solution

14 July, 2011 Posted by
Yesterday (on July 13, 2011), CDNetworks, the only multinational Content Delivery Network that has presence in all continent, including China, announced the general availability of its Dynamic Network Acceleration offering. This is an on-demand service that accelerates the different browser and non-browser based enterprise applications that are transmitted over SSL-VPN. The Dynamic Network Acceleration (DNA) [&hellip Read more»