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Aryaka Extends its Reach in Tokyo and Johannesburg

10 August, 2014 Posted by Rushin
This Tuesday (on August 5, 2014), Aryaka, a leading global provider of web hosting services, announced the expansion in Tokyo, Japan and Johannesburg, South Africa. Escalating consumer demand and the need to enhance the connectivity of multinational firms drove the investment in Points of Presence (PoPs) on these two locations. The company with a strong […] Read more»

LeaseWeb Enhances its Global CDN by Adding Resell Functionality

8 August, 2014 Posted by Rushin
This Tuesday (on August 5, 2014), LeaseWeb, a leading global provider of hosting infrastructure services, announced the addition of resell functionality to its high-capacity, pure SSD-powered Content Delivery Network (CDN) and also stated that the Company plans to expands its network further. LeaseWeb’s CDN with its new functionality, a user-friendly control panel and a full […] Read more»

CloudFlare Globally Expands Through Equinix Platform

20 July, 2014 Posted by Rushin
This Wednesday (on July 16, 2014), Equinix, a leading global provider of interconnection and data centers, announced that the leading Web performance and security company CloudFlare, has greatly expanded its points of presence around the world, through multiple Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers. CloudFlare, by doubling its footprint across Equinix platform, aims to […] Read more»

Vodien Expands its CDN Reach to 15 More Global Locations

18 July, 2014 Posted by Rushin
This Monday (on July 14, 2014), Vodien, a Singapore based global provider of web hosting services and Content Delivery Networks, announced the expansion of its CDN capacity by installing and adding 15 new points of presence (POPs) across North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia to improve its global coverage. Each of the new […] Read more»

MaxCDN Adds Point-of-Presence at Tokyo, Japan

29 June, 2014 Posted by Rushin
This Monday (on June 23, 2014), MaxCDN, one of the fastest growing Content Delivery Network solutions provider that was also known as NetDNA formerly, announced that the Company has now added a Point-of-Presence (PoP) in Tokyo, Japan to provide much faster and better connectivity in that part of the world. Like the Sydney PoP that […] Read more»

MaxCDN Expands to Australia, Also Enhances CDN Offering Further

2 June, 2014 Posted by Rushin
During the last week, MaxCDN, formerly known as NetDNA and one of the fastest growing Content Delivery Network providers, announced about the Company’s launching a new Point-of-Presence at Sydney, Australia, and also announced multiple enhancements including new edge rule recipes like country blocking and redirection, more granular reporting and integration with Google Maps for better […] Read more»

IBM Unveils SoftLayer’s New Hong Kong Data Center

1 June, 2014 Posted by Rushin
Today (on June 1, 2014), SoftLayer Technologies, now an IBM Company and a leading provider of managed and cloud hosting solutions, announced the opening of its new SoftLayer data center in Hong Kong to increase the network reach and capacity of IBM’s SoftLayer-based cloud services in the Asia-Pacific region. The new data center at Hong […] Read more»

Highwinds Expands Network Footprint in Brazil and Latin America

18 May, 2014 Posted by Rushin
A couple weeks back (on May 2, 2014), Highwinds, one of the leading providers of innovative Content Delivery Network services, Gaming Delivery Networks and other Federated CDN solutions, announced that the Company had further expanded its network reach and capacity by adding a fifth Point-of-Presence in Brazil. With the demand in Brazil and the Latin […] Read more»

CDNify Creates its Own Global CDN with Support for Free Custom SSL

7 May, 2014 Posted by Rushin
Last Monday (on April 28, 2014), CDNify, an innovative Content Delivery Network providing startup, announced that it had not only moved away from a Federated CDN solution to create its own CDN comprising of 20 Points-of-Presence (PoPs) located across North America, Europe and Asia, but also the Company would be providing free Custom SSL support […] Read more»

LeaseWeb Adds PoP at Singapore, Expands Global Capacity to 500 Gbps

23 March, 2014 Posted by Rushin
This Thursday (on March 20, 2014), LeaseWeb, one of the largest global hosting providers with cloud and on-demand IT infrastructure solutions, announced that the Company had added a new Point-of-Presence (PoP) at Singapore to increase its network reach in Asia-Pacific region while also boosting its global network capacity to 500 Gbps from 400 Gbps. The […] Read more»