This Wednesday (on December 14, 2011), Skyfire, one of the leading specialists in mobile cloud computing industry, announced that its latest report of the top 100 global video streaming websites reveals that only 18 of the 100 make use of the adaptive bit rate (ABR) technology to improve streaming based on network speed and device capability.

Since the adaptive bit rate allows the system to automatically switch to a lower quality video version, not only does the use of this technology enable the viewers to have a smoother viewing with less buffering, but also it would reduce bandwidth usage and network congestion. With this in mind, and now that the various leading video streaming servers like Wowza Media Server have native support for ABR, it was expected that the technology would have been more widely used, but as per the current results, a wider deployment is still to happen.

Skyfire also mentioned that with videos accounting more than 50% of the mobile network usage, leveraging ABR and other such solutions would help in easing the network congestions significantly.