Today (on May 10, 2011), Akamai Technologies, the leading Content Delivery Networks and Web Optimization solutions provider and Riverbed, the global WAN Optimization Leader, announced a unique strategic alliance for creating a new solution called “Alliance”. As part of this collaboration, the Companies will be running the right set of tools in the proper networks and sort of make the distinction between public and private clouds more abstract.

What the Alliance solution will provide is the benefits of content management in WAN and performance of Akamai to improve the end-user experience. This product will be leveraging the global network of Akamai and the Steelhead Networking appliance of Riverbed to provide their customers with unparalleled speed and seamless integration. According to the Companies, this new solution will not only provide an end-to-end integration, but also help in improving the use of cloud applications to optimize performance.

Both the Companies were optimistic about the joint collaboration and the Alliance is expected to be delivered in early 2012. More information can also be found at: