Recently, Akamai, one of the biggest providers of Content Delivery Network Services reported that Fifa 2010 World Cup had by far exceeded the amount of Internet traffic that the Akamai systems used to provide normally to its clients, which comprised of 24 broadcasters in 65 different countries.

It was also announced that based on the data collated from more than 3000 companies, which use Akamai services, the global feeds of traffic related to the World Cup, was consistently higher than 500 Gb/sec and at its peak almost reached 1Tb/sec. This included not only various video feeds, but also the shared stories, photos and such other content at a global level.

While there were various spurts in the different games, the overall viewing usage more than doubled the Internet demand that was observed in the last World Cup in 2006. The higher traffic was expected to come from a variety of new users and the options like HD viewing capabilities and iPhone/iPAD and other Smart Phone streaming of the games.

The Akamai Management was pleased to see that the company sustained to these high demands with no major hiccups and also provided a Visualization tool to view the real-time demand statistics of the data.