akamai-previewThis Tuesday (on February 19, 2013), Akamai Technologies, one of the leaders in cloud-based optimization services, announced that it launched new Ad Integration Services. Sola Vision’s Ad Integration Services enables for users to simplify the insertion of individually-targeted advertising video content into video streams without the potential quality degradation inherent in a client-based approach.

Vice president, products, for Akamai’s media division, Ahmet Ozalp stated that, “The thriving ecosystem that has continued to evolve around online video advertising has become increasingly challenging to navigate. Akamai believes that our Sola Vision’s Ad Integration Services are making it easier than ever for all parties to take advantage of their technologies and services of choice in a way that is simple to deploy and unobtrusive to the consumer.”

At its end, Akamai mentioned that New Akamai Ad Integration Services offer customers a powerful way to simplify and streamline the challenges of online media workflow, protection, and connectivity.