akamai-previewLast Tuesday (on April 23, 2013), Akamai Technologies, one of the leading providers of Content Delivery Networks, cloud-based services and web optimization solutions, announced the release of its State of the Internet Report, which considers the data gathered during the Fourth Quarter, 2012, from its Akamai Intelligent Platform.

Among the major findings of the report include the fact that 700 million unique IPv4 addresses were connected to the platform, which was 4.2% more than Q3, 2012 and 13% more than Q4, 2011. As far as attack traffic was concerned, maximum attacks were from China, followed by the United States, even though the attacks from US were lower, and Turkey became the third largest source of attacks overtaking Russia. The mobile connectivity saw an increase of 28% over Q3, 2012 and as far as connection speeds are concerned, the global average connection speed increased by 5% to 2.9 Mbps, whereas the global peak connection speeds grew almost 35% year-on-year.

Since the Akamai platform serves a significant amount of the global Internet traffic, its state of the Internet report is a good indicator about what is happening in the World-Wide-Web. The current and previous reports can be viewed at www.akamai.com/stateoftheinternet.