akamai-previewThis Tuesday (on February 4, 2014), Akamai Technologies, the leading cloud-based platform for online streaming, web-optimization and web-security solutions provider, announced that the Company’s large set of enhancements had significantly improved the Web Application Firewall (WAF) accuracy of its Kona Site Defender offering.

Akamai mentioned that the Company had developed a custom-built, closed loop test framework that would process the large amounts of traffic data obtained from its global platform and then use that information to improve its WAF rules. Apart from this, Kona Site Defender is also extremely tuned to protect its customers from newer and more popular methods of attack including PHP Injections and Remote File Inclusions. Finally, the Kona WAF is an extremely scalable edge defense service that leverages Akamai’s global platform and can provide its customers from DDoS and SQL injections as well.

At its end, Akamai mentioned that it was happy with its Kona Site Defender offering and stated that the customers who use its default settings have managed to get on an average 96% accuracy based on measurements that use the Matthews Correlation Coefficient (MCC) scoring without the need for any customized tuning.