Mobile CDNContent Delivery Networks or CDN typically consist of a set of servers and points-of-presence distributed across the globe. This ensures reduced response time of websites, faster display and downloads, overall improvised performance at relatively cheap rates. In the last decade, a number of CDN providers like Akamai, Level 3, MaxCDN, Amazon Cloudfront and Bitgravity among many others have tapped a significant portion of the CDN market. Basic CDN services are even available for free, although it is better to target cheap CDN providers that offer extensive services that can help boost business & e-commerce.

Technology has now driven us in the mobile era. A survey has indicated that mobile devices outnumber laptops and by the end of this decade, there will be 10 mobile/tablet devices per every desktop or laptop. Also, the trend is to access data and necessary content “on the go”. Consequently, Content Delivery Networks for mobile or wireless devices have gained popularity and are in widespread demand. Mobile content acceleration with the help of Mobile CDN ensures faster access to mobile apps, mobile streaming & mobile web on the go dynamically.

Similar to regular CDN networks, Mobile CDN consist of a set of servers and devices that interact to optimize content delivery to end users on any type of mobile or wireless device. The goal of Content Delivery Networks for Mobile is same as that of traditional CDN – serve content to end users with superior performance and high availability.

A distinguishing feature with Content Delivery Networks for Mobile is the characterization based on the type of mobile device possessed by the end user. Content Delivery Networks for Mobile are intelligent enough these days to support device detection, and then tailor their services based upon the type of content the device is ready to support. For example, if a device is supporting lower resolution, or has limited network bandwidth available for web access, mobile CDN will deliver services accordingly.

Technology advances in the field of Mobile CDN has given rise to sophisticated mobile platforms for CDN that can deliver a high end user experience in a secure way. The MobileCDN system understands the user’s connection speed, platform and screen-size among other things, and send in images and rich media content like videos in the protocols and bitrate best suited to the viewer. These specific services pertaining to video content such as video transcoding, bit-rate adaption and image rendering ensure a better end-user experience.

Since the Mobile Content Delivery Networks are still evolving, and more and more smart phones and tablet devices are being used by customers to access content, partnering has become an important perspective with Content Delivery Networks for Mobile. Popular CDN providers such as MobileCDN, CDNetworks, Limelight, Akamai, etc. frequently partner with organizations that possess an expertise in mobile technology, or have experience in managing mobile service operators.


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