aryakaYesterday (on May 29, 2014), Aryaka, one of the global leaders in WAN Optimization-as-a-Service, Network-as-a-Service, Application Delivery-as-a-Service and Cloud Networks-as-a-Service, announced that the hybrid solar panels manufacturer, EchoFirst, had selected its services to provide reliable VoIP calls and fast file transfers across its offices around the globe.

EchoFirst mentioned that it wanted to connect its HQ at Freemont, California with the Company’s call center in Mumbai, India. However, there were lot of issues including low voice quality, packet loss and network latency. One of the solution the startup looked at was an MPLS, however, apart from the very high costs of deployment, the MPLS solution would also take 2-3 months to implement, and this is where the Company decided to leverage Aryaka’s solutions. With its network solutions, Aryaka ensured high QoS through dedicated VoIP bandwidth, 300% bandwidth increase for SSH and reduced the CIFS and HTTP volume by 28% and 54% respectively, thus meeting EchoFirst’s network needs.

At its end, EchoFirst mentioned that it was extremely happy to leverage Aryaka’s solution, which was not only cost effective, but also needed very less time to setup and deploy and helped the Company meet its file transfer and VoIP requirements without the need of any additional network costs.