This Monday (on October 8, 2012), Aryaka, the leading provider of WAN Optimization-as-a-Service and Network-as-a-Service solutions, announced that at the 2012 Golden Bridge awards, it had not only been awarded for its innovative and high impact WAN optimization-as-a-service solution, but its Founder, President and CEO, Ajit Gupta’s contributions were also recognized.

The WAN Optimization-as-a-Service solution from Aryaka is an extremely fast and robust offering, which reduces the network load and network costs of its customers drastically by its intelligent routing and data caching, and hence its impact to the industry was recognized by its selection for the award. On the other hand, with 12 patents in Internet technologies and his influential and effective leadership qualities in both Speedera Networks (later acquired by Akamai) and Aryaka, Ajit Gupta was also recognized for his contributions to the technology world.

At its end, Aryaka mentioned that the Company was pleased to be recognized by the coveted Golden Bridge Awards, which considered the inputs from 40 judges and then came up with a list of notable technological advancements as well as innovative people. The winners were presented with the awards last Tuesday (October 2) in San Francisco.