netdna-previewYesterday (on July 5, 2013), NetDNA, one of the fastest growing Content Delivery Network provider and also the provider of MaxCDN pay-as-you-go CDN solution, announced that its Bootstrap initiative ( has now completed a little over one-year of providing high-speed delivery of bootstrap objects around the globe for free.

Almost a year ago, NetDNA had announced the sponsoring of Bootstrap objects on both normal as well as HTTPS protocols to ensure its high-speed availability, and while the project started at a small scale, with more and more developers now using its links, the BootstrapCDN now boasts of a huge global usage. As per the current records, in the last 12 months, NetDNA has served more than 40.73 TB in bandwidth and served more than 3.2 billion requests for the Bootstrap initiative. Apart from this, there have also been 383 Git commits from the open-source community and 136 tickets from various users have been resolved, thus showing that BootstrapCDN has now become extremely popular.

At its end, the NetDNA team mentioned that it was extremely happy with the success of bootstrapcdn initiative and even had a small celebration to commemorate bootstrapcdn’s 1st anniversary.┬áThe Company also stated that the usage has been growing much steeply in the last few months, and with more and more people from the developer community using this service, the bootstrapcdn initiative is bound to grow exponentially in the future.