CacheFly ReviewCacheFly’s CDN delivers web objects such as video, music applications and files swiftly, and securely. Confident in their ability, they back up their expertise with a 100% availability SLA. Their unique ProtectServe security system gives customers secure control over their files. Included in this system is a timestamp option, that forces links to expire after a set time, a specific IP address option, that only allows specified IP addresses to access links, and a return URL option, that redirects clients if a validation fails.

Company Name CacheFly
HQ Region Chicago, IL, United States
Industry Internet
Company Size 10-50 employees
Founded 2002

Network Locations

North America (16)

Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New York, San Jose, Seattle, Toronto, Washington DC

South America (2)

Sao Paulo, La Paz

Europe (11)

Amsterdam, Bucharest, Doha, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Johannesburg, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Stockholm, Warsaw, Helsinki, Lisbon, Prague, Vienna, Zurich

Asia (6)

Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo, Jakarta

Australia (2)

Sydney, Perth

Africa (1)



Low Volume Plans $99 / per month, including 256 GB / per month
High Volume Plans $409 / per month, including 2048 GB / per month
Custom Plans Available


Infinite Scalability
Simple-to-Use Portal
Flat-Rate Global Pricing, Bucket Billing
24/7 Domestic Support
Easy Integration & Instant Activation
Security/Origin Shielding
Flexible Contract Terms
Real-Time Reporting


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