cdnetworks-previewThis Tuesday (on October 22, 2013), CDNetworks, the only multinational Content Delivery Network with network infrastructure across six continents and local expertise in mainland China, announced that it would be presenting an in-depth report showing how the use of its Dynamic Web Acceleration suite and helped in improving the global performance of SAP applications.

A few months back, SAP Labs had announced that it would leverage CDNetworks’ Dynamic Web Acceleration suite to improve its application delivery over the Internet and since CDNetworks is a member of the SAP PartnerEdge Program, it will be presenting the report on the findings of how performance has improved during the SAP TechEd session. Among the key findings also include the fact that while the performance of purely Internet-delivered applications can vary by almost 500% based on location, use of CDNetworks’ has enabled SAP to provide extremely consistent and high-performance application load times irrespective of the geographical location.

At its end, CDNetworks mentioned that it was happy to report the findings, and the complete white paper with the various results can be viewed by Clicking Here.