CDNify-previewLast Monday (on April 28, 2014), CDNify, an innovative Content Delivery Network providing startup, announced that it had not only moved away from a Federated CDN solution to create its own CDN comprising of 20 Points-of-Presence (PoPs) located across North America, Europe and Asia, but also the Company would be providing free Custom SSL support to all its customers.

The CDNify was launched about a year ago and had started off by providing its platform on a Federated CDN, however, the Company soon realized that it was not technically feasible to gain the type of control that it needed and also provide custom SSL to its customers through Federated CDN. With more and more eCommerce providers demanding support for Custom SSL, CDNify decided to move away from the Federated CDN and create its own cloud-based CDN solution, thus gaining more flexibility and control of its global network.

At its end, CDNify mentioned that it was extremely happy to launch its own CDN network and stated that as part of differentiating its solution from other providers, the Company would also allow its customers to setup custom SSL on their CDN platform for free.