CDNify-previewToday (on April 22, 2013), CDNify, which an eleven-member Manchester-based technological startup, announced the launch of its Content Delivery Network solution, which is aimed at and optimized for tech startups and developers, and allows them to optimize their websites while ensuring scalability to meet up with their fast-growing needs.

The CDNify team mentioned that the main reason of their making the CDN solution was because once one of their existing products gained popularity. Not only was the team able to get the required scalability from their web-hosting, but also the process of selecting and deploying a CDN was pretty complicated and cumbersome. This led the team to create its own CDN solution to help other similar tech startups, and thus CDNify was created. As of now, the CDNify solution boasts of 40 PoP locations around the globe, and the offering is aimed at improving performance and ensuring scalability.

At its end, CDNify team was happy with the launch and stated that the CDN solution will follow a pay-as-you-go pricing model. As of now, the Company is providing a two week free test drive for prospective customers to try out CDNify’s solution.