Yesterday (on April 3, 2012), ChinaCache, the leading provider of Content Delivery Network services in China, announced the launch of its ChinaCache Index or CC Index service, which will allow the Internet users in China to measure the speed of their Internet connectivity in real time and provide them with a ranking for the same.

The CC Index makes use of the real-time data generated by hundreds of millions of users of ChinaCache’s Content aware network services and provides them with a ranking based on whether the carrier was China Telecom, China Unicom or China Mobile. With the different Chinese telecom providers trying to outrank each other and provide the users with fast connections, there was a need for a proper ranking index, which could find out and evaluate the performance in real time, thus providing the customers with the real picture.

ChinaCache mentioned that the CC Index would be provided free of charge to the customers at the website Apart from ratings and real-time data, the website also provides additional analysis of Internet speeds in China.