This Tuesday (on October 2, 2012), CloudFlare, the leading Content Delivery Network and web security solutions provider and Prosperent, a fast-growing ad network, announced that they have joined hands to provide CloudFlare’s users with a quick and easy, one-click monetization solution by placing advertisements on their websites.

As part of this partnership, Prosperent’s monetization product, ProsperLinks is connected with CloudFlare’s dynamic app integration solution and added as an app to CloudFlare’s App Marketplace. Users who wish to use this monetization feature just to enable this app, and once enabled, the app then parses through the website content and adds contextual text-ads to the existing website’s content with the website owner’s affiliate link. If the visitors follow the link and make purchases, the website owner gets some money from the sale.

At their end, both CloudFlare and Prosperent mentioned that they were happy with the deal, which would help CloudFlare’s users connect to Prosperent’s 3000+ retailers and generate automated affiliate links for more than 50 million products for additional monetization opportunities.