cloudflare-previewThis Wednesday (on July 16, 2014), Equinix, a leading global provider of interconnection and data centers, announced that the leading Web performance and security company CloudFlare, has greatly expanded its points of presence around the world, through multiple Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers.

CloudFlare, by doubling its footprint across Equinix platform, aims to reinforce its global presence along with augmenting security and elevating performance of its cloud-based content delivery network. With these new additions, CloudFlare will now be able to more effectively absorb and disperse massive volumes of web traffic associated with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and keep pace with its ever increasing customer base (400 percent in the last year alone). Proximity to its customers (about 95 percent of world’s population now residing not more than 10 milliseconds away from a CloudFlare PoP), is one of major benefits of this of using Equinix globally dispersed network.

At its end both the companies mentioned that they were happy with these new development and CloudFlare stated that connecting with Equinix has helped the company to radically expand its global presence and better serve its customers, all across the world.