CDN Companies

Content Delivery Networks or CDN comprises of a series of servers and Points-of-Presence around the globe, which help in improving the page-load time as well as reduce the download time of the content by bringing it closer to the users. In the simplest way, a CDN can be explained as a set of mirrors for your website, hosted in such a way that the content is served to your targeted audience from the server closest to them.

Below you will find the most successful CDN Companies for your website which will help you to improve your website performance.


akamai-logoAkamai Technologies is one of the world’s largest and most known Content Delivery Network Companies. The Company’s global network is powered by more than a hundred thousand servers and its offerings include Cloud-based GD streaming as well as CDN for static and dynamic content.

Akamai Review

Amazon CloudFront

amazon-cloudfront-logoAmazon CloudFront is the native Content Delivery Network of Amazon Web Services and the solution works in conjunction with its Amazon Cloud Storage (S3) and Amazon Elastic Cloud (EC2) services to give developers and businesses an easy way to store and distribute content.

Amazon CloudFront Review


bitgravity-logoBitGravity was founded in 2006 and the Company worked at providing the world’s first CDN solution that is built and optimized for better live streaming and on-demand delivery of HD video content. This Company was acquired by Tata Communications in January 2011.

BitGravity Review


broadpeak-logoBased in Rennes, France, Broadpeak is one of the industry leaders among Companies that design and manufacture various components that ensure faster and better delivery of online video. Its solutions not only power simple installations, but can also scale to large delivery systems that serve millions of streams simultaneously. Components and solutions from Broadpeak are used by various Content Providers as well as Network Service Providers for deploying various IPTV, Cable as well as OTT delivery services.

Broadpeak Review


cachefly-logoFounded in 2005, CacheFly is among the world’s first TCP Anycast based Content Delivery Network service providers and the Company coms with its key differentiators of 100% Service Level Agreement, real-time traffic reporting and a 30-day free trial offer.

CacheFly Review


cdn77-logoCDN77 is a London-based Content Delivery Network that is powered by 28 data centers across 23 countries. The Company was founded in March 2012 with the aim of providing transparent, fair and flexible CDN solution to its customers.

CDN77 Review


cdnetworks-logoWith more than 140 Points-of-Presence, CDNetworks is among the biggest providers of cloud-based acceleration and supports both static and dynamic web acceleration. However, the key differentiator is that it is the only multinational CDN that has both infrastructure and local expertise in mainland China, Russia and other emerging markets.

CDNetworks Review


cdnify-logoCDNify provides a simplified Content Delivery Network solution that can be easily integrated with multiple web platforms and CMS. Apart from this, CDNify does provide free Custom SSL integration and support to its customers.

CDNify Review

CDN.NET, with over 130 points of presence (PoPs) globally, completely removes the limitations of alternative solutions by enabling you to access a diverse marketplace of global resources, all the attributes of which you can use to your advantage.

CDN.NET Review


chinacache-logoAs the name suggests, ChinaCache is a leading China-based Content Delivery Network service provider which is powered by more than 12000 servers and covers 120+ cities in China. The Company is almost 15-times bigger than all other CDNs combined in China and supports content delivery, faster downloads, secure transactions as well as streaming media off its platform.

ChinaCache Review


ChinaNetCenter-logoChinaNetCenter started as a China-based Content Delivery Network provider and in 2012 opened its US subsidiary to ensure faster and better content delivery. Now the Company has CDN nodes all over the world including North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia, and the Company boasts of a very strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

ChinaNetCenter Review


cloudflare-logoFounded in 2009, CloudFlare is among the world’s leading providers of web acceleration and security solutions. It provides both Free and Premium services to its customers for both optimizing their websites using the CloudFlare CDN and also securing their websites by using its CloudFlare Security Suite.

CloudFlare Review


edgecast-logoWith 30+ Points-of-Presence at strategic location across 5 continents, EdgeCast Networks proclaimed itself as the world’s fastest and most reliable Content Delivery Network. The Company also provided various web-security services and accelerated DNS solutions and was acquired by Verizon in December 2013.

EdgeCast Review


fastly-logoFounded in 2011, Fastly was built from open source Varnish and has become an extremely popular Content Delivery Network. Its global network is powered by 10Gb Ethernet, Solid-State-Drive (SSD) storage and multicore CPUs, and the Company boasts of an almost zero-delay instant purge for dynamic data (takes about 150 milliseconds).

Fastly Review


gogrid_logoAcquired by Datapipe in January 2015, GoGrid is a leading provider of managed hosting, cloud services as well as on-demand IT infrastructure solutions. Not only has GoGrid been a pioneer as well as innovator for various cloud offerings and technologies, but also the Company has strived hard to provide its customers with high-performance and extremely secure big-data solutions.

GoGrid Review

Hibernia Networks

hibernia-networks-logoHibernia Networks owns and operates a global network connecting North America, Europe and Asia and offers over 190 network Points of Presence (PoPs) in 89 markets and 25 countries.

Hibernia Networks Review


highwinds-logoHighwinds was founded in 2002 and is among one of the fastest and most popular CDN providers in the world. Apart from its CDN solution, the Company also provides cloud-based storage, IP services and various analytics and application delivery solutions. However, Highwinds is very popular for its Gaming Delivery Network (GDN), which is optimized specifically for online gaming Companies and ensure fast downloads and patches of the games.

Highwinds Review


incapsula-logoIncapsula is a leading web security and performance Company that provides an integrated cloud-based solution that includes enterprise-grade PCI-Certified firewall, DDoS Protection as well as Loading Balancing and Failover, which is all integrated into its global CDN solution. The Company provides both Free and Paid solutions to its customers based on their needs and requirements.

Incapsula Review


internap-logoInternap Network Services Corporation or Internap is one of the leading providers of scalable and flexible IT infrastructure solutions. Apart from Content Delivery Network, the Company provides streaming media solutions as well as various advanced cloud and data center offerings including colocation, virtualized cloud, hybrid cloud and even bare-metal server solutions.

Internap Review


leaseweb-logoWhile it started as a Dutch hosting Company, LeaseWeb launched its in-house and native next-generation Content Delivery Network solution in June, 2013. Since then, the Company has been expanding its solution that now incorporates 53 Points-of-Presence and has connection with 33 Internet Exchanges around-the-world.

LeaseWeb Review

Level 3 Communications

level-3-communications-logoLevel 3 is one of the oldest and biggest providers of networking and communications services. The 20+ year old Company boasts of its own Tier-1 global network as well as advanced streaming and broadcasting solutions including the Vyvx as well as VoIP solutions. The Company boasts of a huge number of Points-of-Presence (PoPs) as well as interconnections with various other telecom and network providers around the globe.

Level 3 Communications Review

Limelight Networks

limelight-networks-logoWith more than 80 locations across 40+ global metro markets, Limelight Networks is among the world’s fastest and more reliable Content Delivery Network providers. Apart from this, the Company specializes in various cloud services as well as media delivery and digital presence management services as part of its award-winning Limelight Orchestrate solution.

Limelight Networks Review


maxcdn-logoMaxCDN (previously known as NetDNA) is a Los Angeles (CA) based Content Delivery Network that started its operations in 2009. The Company has been among the fastest growing CDN providers in the industry and its network now boasts of multiple Points-of-Presence across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific as well as the Middle-East. The Company is known for its disruptive pricing and amazing support; the Company also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

MaxCDN Review


metacdn-logoFounded in 2011 based on research from University of Melbourne, MetaCDN is a 4th Generation Content Delivery Network provider that unifies CDN networks of EdgeCast Networks, Amazon and Fastly, as well as storage from Amazon, Google and Microsoft to ensure much faster and better performance. MetaCDN is backed by Starfish Ventures and provides both CDN as well as live and on-demand video streaming services.

MetaCDN Review


ngenix-logoNGENIX is the largest Content Delivery Network in Russia and is powered by 23 Points-of-Presence (PoPs) spread across 14 regions that covers 7 federal districts of Russia and CIS countries. Apart from this, NGENIX also has interconnections with 450+ Internet Service Providers to provide the fastest and best content delivery in and around Russia.


NTT Communications

ntt-communications-logoNTT Communications Corporation is a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, which is the world’s largest telecom company. Founded in 1999 and Headquartered in Tokyo, NTT Com not only boasts of its Tier-1 global network and 130+ secure data centers around the globe, but also provides a wide range of telecom, communications, networking and content delivery solutions through its many subsidiaries around the globe.

NTT Communications Review


onapp-logoFounded in July 2010, OnApp is the creator of one of the most popular cloud platforms that powers almost 33% of the public clouds worldwide and also powers various private clouds, hybrid clouds and VPN setups. The Company also runs its global Federated Content Delivery Network solution that is powered by its cloud platform and spans over 170+ locations. In recent years, OnApp has also expanded in SAN-based cloud storage as well as partnered with SolusVM for creating better virtual server management systems.

OnApp Review


rackspace-logoBased in San Antonio and started in 1998, Rackspace is now the number one managed cloud Company in the world. The Company powers cloud solutions for more than 200 thousand customers across 120 countries. While Rackspace supports all advanced cloud technologies and solutions and strives to ensure 100% Network Uptime, the Company is boasts for maintaining its Fanatic Support that enables customers to connect to engineers 24x7x365 through email, chat or phone and ensure that their queries are resolved quickly.

Rackspace Review


skyparkcdn-logoSkyparkCDN is a Russia-based Content Delivery Network provider that has network presence across 60 cities in 28 countries around the globe. The SkyparkCDN solution is a pay-as-you-go solution-suite that comprises of different solutions that speed up website, video content and application delivery and SkyparkCDN also provides cloud services.

SkyparkCDN Review


softlayer-logoFounded in 2005, SoftLayer Technologies is a leading provider of cloud infrastructure as well as managed hosting services. The Company provides multiple innovative and state-of-the-art solutions like bare-metal and virtual servers, turnkey big data solutions as well as various advanced cloud services and features. In 2013, IBM acquired SoftLayer Technologies, and in recent times the Company has been expanding its global network at a rapid rate.

SoftLayer Review


telefonica-logoTelefonica Global Solutions is a leading International Telecom provider that has its own global Tier-1 network. The Company’s network boasts of more than 100 Points-of-Presence (PoPs) across 40+ countries and provides various advanced content delivery network solutions, VoIP as well as Payment solutions.

Telefonica Review


turbobytes-logoTurbobytes is a multi-CDN solution that leverages 5 CDNs (EdgeCast, Highwinds, Fastly, MaxCDN and BitGravity) to get the maximum network coverage and also reduce the dependency on a single CDN provider. The solution switches the CDNs to be used based on its best-in-class performance data and also comes with an automatic rerouting mechanism in case there are slowdowns or outages on some locations.

TurboBytes Review

Windows Azure

windows-azure-logoThe Azure CDN is the Content Delivery Network based on the Windows Azure Cloud Computing platform from Microsoft. The solution is mainly used to build and host web applications and is powered by Microsoft’s data centers around the globe.

Windows Azure Review


xcdn-logoXCDN is the Content Delivery Network solution from Exceda that is powered by Akamai’s Global Intelligent platform. It is mainly aimed at basic website delivery for small providers who want to leverage Akamai’s services but do not have such huge bandwidth/storage requirements. The XCDN requests are just one-hop away from Akamai’s servers and hence provide access to Akamai’s huge networks at much lesser costs.

XCDN Review