(on May 9, 2013), OnApp, one of the leading providers of cloud and Content Delivery Network solutions and Federated CDN software, announced that it had collaborated with Dell to create three different pre-tested cloud offerings to enable service providers like hosting companies and telecom providers to create cloud services and solutions quickly.

As part of this collaboration, Dell will be providing all the hardware including racks, servers, disks and power cabling on which the OnApp Cloud instances will run to create both public and private cloud infrastructure. The three options enable customers to select storage on their clouds, and the options are OnApp Storage, Dell EquaLogic iSCSI storage and the Dell Compellent Fibre Channel storage, thus enabling them to create fast and efficient, yet cost-effective virtualized servers for their end users.

Both OnApp and Dell mentioned that they were happy with this collaboration and stated that these jointly-offered Cloud solutions come with Dell’s Prosupport for all hardware and OnApp’s 24×7 support for any cloud deployment/management issues.