During september, there are various CDN related events going on. Apart from those listed below, you can follow our Events page to get latest updates!

Data Center Fabrics 2013

Data Center Fabrics 2013As the cloud market matures and we begin to enter the next generation of the cloud with the global onset of big data and an ever more mobile workforce, now is the time to identify the technological building blocks that will take the cloud to the next level and optimise it for future operations and services. With today’s numerous cloud services requiring multiple data centers to communicate with each other, across multiple different network infrastructures and across a multitude of different technology types and cloud solutions, the ability of the cloud to easily provide dynamic and scalable enterprise and personal services into the future has been hindered.

CloudOpen North America

cloudopen-north-americaCloudOpen is the only event providing an education and collaboration space designed specifically to advance the open cloud. It is a conference celebrating and gathering together the open source projects, products, technologies and companies who comprise the cloud and are driving the cloud and big data ecosystems today and tomorrow. CloudOpen offers over 60 sessions (including talk, hands-on tutorials, and keynotes) covering Cloud Platforms, Cloud Storage & Filesystems, DevOps, Management Tools, Virtualization, best practices from the world of Linux and traditional open source and much more.

AFCEA TechNet Augusta 2013

AFCEA TechNet Augusta 2013The overall theme of TechNet Augusta 2013 is “Modernizing for Network 2020 and Beyond: Empower, Connect, Dominate!” The overall focus is on Army ground forces, including Joint component interface, other Department of Defense Organizations, Inter-Agency, Industry, and Academia. Presentations, panels, and track sessions will highlight empowerment of Soldiers on the battlefield through training, different methodologies for connecting through enhanced technology, and command and control functions to enable the U.S.

Kaltura Connect 2013

kaltura-connect-2013In its 3rd year, Kaltura Connect brings together thought leaders and technologists for two days packed with great content and networking opportunities. With over 40 sessions, panels and roundtables from industry thought leaders and cutting edge technology experts, we’ll cover everything video – hot trends such as social video, video marketing, mobile & HTML5, MOOCs, webcasting and OTT, as well as important content strategies to keep your users engaged and maximize revenue.

CBBC Webinar – Reaching China with your Website & Cloud Application

cbbcReaching customers and employees with cloud applications when they are located in emerging markets (such as Russia, Indonesia, Brazil and China) poses a major challenge. This is especially true for China, which has not only the largest Internet user base (twice that of the US and growing fast) but a lack of modern Internet infrastructure as well as licensing and regulatory hurdles, including the “Great Firewall.”