This Thursday (on March 29, 2012), GoGrid, one of the leading providers of cloud infrastructure and hosting services, announced that AlwaysOn selected it as a winner in its OnDemand Top 100 winners in Cloud-Infrastructure Category. The OnDemand 100 considers the top Companies, which are true leaders and whose innovations change the technologies drastically.

GoGrid mentioned that it has been working at providing truly flexible and on-demand infrastructure solutions that are scalable since a decade and getting the recognition from OnDemand affirms the Company’s commitment towards customer satisfaction. AlwaysOn mentioned that the OnDemand 100 continues to represent some of the best Companies that have come up with disruptive and path-changing solutions in the cloud and SaaS products and services markets.

At its end, GoGrid also mentioned that this was its second consecutive year of making it to the OnDemand Top 100 list and the winners will be honored at OnDemand 2012 event on April 4, 2012 in Cupertino.