level3-previewThis Wednesday (on November 5, 2014), Level 3 Communications, one of the leading providers of communications and networking solutions, announced that Google Cloud Platform has become the latest member to join the Level 3 Cloud Connect ecosystem and customers would not be able to access Google Cloud Platform using Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI).

The Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI) provides enterprise-grade connections to Google’s network edge by making use of multiple network service providers including Level 3. The interconnection into Level 3’s Cloud Connect will not only improve performance of Google Cloud by leveraging Level 3’s redundant fiber network that connects to multiple locations while ensuring low latency, but also will improve security since the Level 3’s private network is physically isolated from the Internet. Apart from this, Level 3 Cloud Connect would also enable users to decide their bandwidth requirements dynamically and works in a pay-as-you-use model.

At their ends, both Level 3 and Google mentioned that they were happy to work together and make Google Cloud Platform a part of Level 3’s Cloud Connect solutions.