highwinds-previewThis Tuesday (on March 26, 2013), Highwinds, one of the leading providers of innovative Content Delivery Networks and related optimization solutions, announced that iLogos, one of the leading independent gaming Companies, had selected Highwinds as its Game Delivery Partner for its online game development and delivery.

iLogos has been in the gaming industry for almost seven years now, and the current games need much higher bandwidth owing to graphic quality, gaming interactivity and depth, and so iLogos needed a scalable solution that would ensure that its gamers do not have latency issues. This is where the Highwinds Game Delivery Network becomes handy, and with its gaming-optimized network and quick ability to provide downloads, patching and monetization, the GDN became a logical choice for iLogos. Apart from this, iLogos will also use the GDN storage, and Highwinds will also provide analytics to iLogos and its customers, thus allowing them to make better management decisions.

At their end, both Highwinds and iLogos mentioned that they were happy with the collaboration and also stated that they would be present together at the GDC in San Francisco from March 25 thru 29.