highwinds-previewThis Tuesday (on April 15, 2014), Highwinds, one of the leading providers of innovative Content Delivery Network services and Gaming Delivery solutions, announced that it would be acting as an official sponsor of the 2014 Unlock Gaming Summit that would be held at Torrey Pines Resort, San Diego, California from April 23 to 25.

The 2014 Unlock Gaming Summit is an annual invitation-only event that is attended by multiple executives, founders and senior leaders of the gaming industry. Unlike the normal events, this conference doesn’t have any speakers or panels, but the conference acts as a platform for interaction and confluence of major gaming leaders and discussions are done around topics like game delivery, leveraging CDN solutions, monetization among others.

At its end, Highwinds mentioned that it was happy to be a sponsor of this important gaming conference and stated that apart from being a sponsor of the event, the CDN provider will also be hosting the opening night dinner of the Conference.