highwinds-logoHighwinds, one of leading providers of innovative Content Delivery Networks and specifically optimized Game Delivery Network solutions, announced the availability of its “Full Site Acceleration” offering at Velocity 2016 that was held on June 22-23. The Full Site Acceleration solution leverages Highwinds’ massive global CDN and breaks down the website into static and dynamic chunks and then optimizes delivery of each component through its customized logic.

Some of the salient features of the Full Site Acceleration solution include persistanct connections between origins and users to deliver non-cacheable content, customized optimizations to deliver large number of small files differently than small number of large files as well as delivering media content through the edge servers. Apart from this, the solution supports real-time certificate management and SSL delivery while also supporting real-time content changes and instant purging among other things.

Original Post at: https://www.highwinds.com/blog/highwinds-to-demo-full-site-acceleration-platform-at-velocity/
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