instartlogic-logoInstart Logic, one of the leading providers of application delivery solutions, announced that it has added Multi-page Predictive Prefetching and Mobile App Acceleration to its AppSpeed portfolio to further improve the end-user experience by optimizing the performance of every app, irrespective of whether it is desktop-based, mobile-based or even native iOs or Android-based application.

The Multi-page Predictive Prefetching makes use of Instart Logic’s endpoint-aware application delivery solution and tries to identify the pages that the end-users are most likely to click on next, once this is identified, it also pushes the static elements of those potential pages to the browser thus reducing the loading time for next pages. On the other hand, the Mobile App Acceleration when called with an API during the launching of the application intercepts all the HTTP/HTTPS traffic and replaces TCP with Instart Logic’s proprietary Dynamic Packet Recovery (DPR) protocol to ensure much faster content delivery.

At its end, Instart Logic mentioned that it was happy to unveil these next-generation, machine-learning based intelligent solutions and stated that while Multi-page Predictive Prefetching is currently in Beta stage, Mobile App Acceleration has reached general availability stage.

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