This Wednesday (on February 29, 2012), NTT America, the subsidiary of the NTT Communications which provides network and infrastructure solutions and Integralis, one of the providers of IT security and information risk management services, announced that they have collaborated to create a high performance, extremely scalable and highly secure cloud offering for their enterprise customers.

As part of this collaboration, NTT America will leverage its virtualized data centers and high speed network around the globe, whereas Integralis will use its Managed Security Solution (MSS) for creating the secure cloud. Among the various aspects of integration, include the fact that the management platforms and security devices are installed at NTT America’s data Center locations and Integralis runs a SOC at the data centers for monitoring security devices. With a wide range of features including security audits, penetration testing and other vulnerability assessments, the joint offering definitely meets the security compliance requirements.

Both the Companies are happy with the partnership, and while Integralis explained a bit about the integration at RSA Conference, San Francisco over the last few days, the Companies will host a VIP Security Seminar in San Jose, CA on March 30, 2012.