(on June 20, 2013), Internap Network Services Corporation, one of the leading providers of flexible and scalable IT infrastructure solutions, announced that it had added multiple enhancements to its Partner Program to enable its partners and their customers to benefit from Internap’s complete portfolio of cloud, colocation, hosting as well as hybrid infrastructure services.

Internap had already extended its portfolio to support various things like private cloud, bare metal hosting as well as various performance enhancements by leveraging its global CDN solution. Apart from expanding its portfolio, Internap has also formed a dedicated, global channel sales team to provide better exposure, training to its partners and also provide them with faster responses and better deployment support. Finally, Internap also unveiled a new partner portal for better management as well as updated agent contracts to empower partners to browse through the multiple options and select a partnership program that best suits their business model.

At its end, Internap mentioned that the extended partner program along with its high-performance and reliable offerings will enable the Company to expand further and the Company already boasts of many agent partners including Avant Communications, COLOPeople, Global Communications Network (GCN), Simplify and Business Communications Management (BCM) among many others.