jsDelivr-previewIn the middle of last month, jsDelivr, which is a new website for hosting projects and static programmable files on the Content Delivery Network, announced that its services are now being used by developers, publishers and bloggers to host more than 470 projects on its global CDN comprising of 80+ servers around the globe.

The jsDelivr platform is used to host fonts, scripts and CSS frameworks that can be used by multiple websites around the globe, and the platform already hosts almost 20-times more files as compared to Google and Microsoft’s public content digital networks. The jsDeliver service is sponsored by MaxCDN, the pay-as-you-go CDN offering from the fast-growing CDN-provider NetDNA. Also, this is not the first such community initiative from NetDNA, the Company has also been sponsoring Bootstrap as part of BootstrapCDN from 2012. Apart from this, jsDelivr obtains SaaS-based services from UserVoice and leverages cloud solutions from Cedexis.

At its end, jsDelivr mentioned that it would continue to provide fast content delivery to its developer community and continue to host more projects. Developers can easily submit their data or make GitHub pull requests to add their programmable content added to the jsDelivr platform.