kalturaKaltura, one of the leading providers of online video technology platforms, announced that it had integrated the SmartTemplate user-interface from 24i Media, a leading TV app developer, into its OTT TV backend platform to enable its customers to provide their viewers with a uniform OTT viewing experience irrespective of their screen size.

24i Media mentioned that its SmartTemplate solution support not only smart TVs and set-top-boxes, but also gaming consoles and come with various region-specific features and platforms. Also both Kaltura and 24i Media mentioned that they were aligned for supporting each other’s future innovations and versions and stated that the integration would enable them to futher improve large-scale OTT deployments and think of better strategies for ensuring scalability.

Original Post at: http://corp.kaltura.com/company/news/press-release/kaltura-integrates-24i-media%E2%80%99s-tv-everywhere-interface-its-ott-tv
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