(on September 3, 2013), Kaltura, one of the leading open source video platform providers, announced that it will be hosting its annual event, “Kaltura Connect 2013 – The Video Experience Conference”, which will have 40+ sessions and various networking opportunities, at New York City on September 30 and October 1.

The agenda of this conference includes understanding use-cases of online video experiences of multiple organizations and industries, looking at the various technologies and products available, figuring out and finding the best practices and various tips for online content and finally deciding on which set of solutions is best-suited for different institutes and industries. With multiple Companies like Intel, Oracle, Internet Broadcasting and Philips among many more, along with universities like New York University and Harvard taking part in the Conference, the sessions will include all the major online video-related subjects like social media, mobile & HTML5, webcasting, over-the-top content and various monetization methods.

At its end, Kaltura mentioned that it was happy to enable the confluence of all the big-wigs of the online video industry as part of its Kaltura Connect 2013. The registrations of the event are open and if you want to take part in this gala-event, please Click Here.