level3-previewThis Thursday (on April 3, 2014), Level 3 Communications, the leading provider of fiber-based communication solutions and networking services, announced that it had teamed up with Elemental Technologies, a leading provider of software-defined video solutions, to demonstrate the world’s first Real-time 4K Ultra HD video stream in MPEG-DASH using high-efficiency video coding (HEVC).

The 4K video content has four times more resolution that the 1080p HD stream and thus results in a very large bandwidth requirement to stream the content quickly in a buffer-free mode. Apart from this, it also brings up various technical challenges w.r.t. compression that can be used by normal MPEG-2 and advanced video coding (AVC / H.264) streams. The collaborative solution from Level 3 and Elemental Technologies leverages EVC to convert and deliver the 4K streams using adaptive bitrate streaming and thus delivering the 4K content at bitrates that are equivalent to the HD content.

At their ends, both Level 3 and Elemental Technologies mentioned that they were excited to collaborate together to stream the real-time 4K content and stated that they would be demonstrating the 4K content delivery at their respective booths at the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas.