level-3-communications-logoLevel 3 Communications, a leading provider of international networking and communications services and solutions, announced the launch of its Enterprise Security Gateway (ESG) offering, which is a cloud-based high-performance network security solution that not only simplifies complexity but also reduces the overall costs.

The ESG solution leverages Level 3’s global network with 42+ Tbps capacity and various rich interconnection agreements to access security tools hosted in gateways. Apart from various security features like data loss protection, sandboxing and next-generation firewall, the ESG also makes use of Level 3’s threat-research as well as support for individual security controls. Finally, this solution is also backed by 24×7 support from Level 3’s Security Operations Centers.

Original Post at: http://news.level3.com/2016-05-25-Level-3-Takes-Security-to-the-Network-and-Leverages-the-Cloud-to-Defend-Customers
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