level3-previewThis Wednesday (on March 12, 2014), Level 3 Communications, one of the leading international providers of networking and communications solutions, announced that Dematic, a leading global supplier of logistics automation services and solutions, is leveraging its Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution to connect its operations around the globe.

Dematic has multiple locations in different parts of the world including United States, Latin America and Europe and some of its applications like AutoCAD are extremely resource-hungry and hence its current connections were not able to provide enough speed to ensure high-performance connectivity. This is where Level 3’s VPN solution backed by the Company’s global network as well as redundancy and security features became a logical choice for Dematic. Apart from this, Level 3’s solution also enables Dematic to dynamically add and upgrade different network locations very quickly and ensure that Dematic meets its business needs.

At their ends, both Level 3 and Dematic mentioned that they were happy with the deal and as of now Dematic has already deployed Level 3’s VPN solution to 15 of its sites around the world.