Yesterday (on July 26, 2012), Limelight Networks, the leading provider of Content Delivery Network solutions and streaming media services, announced that many different leading broadcasters are now leveraging its Orchestrate Digital Presence Platform and high performance global network for live streaming of their sports events.

With more and more people moving towards the world-wide-web and Internet-enabled devices for streaming their events instead of conventional Television, Limelight Networks’ enables broadcasters to leverage its cloud-based Software-as-a-Service applications and global network for delivering live events across various devices in real time. In this past six months, Limelight Networks had already helped deliver sporting events like the Wimbledon, the Indian Cricket League, the European Championship and the RBS Six Nations’ rugby championships among various other events, and as of now, the list is expected to keep on growing.

At its end, Limelight Networks mentioned that it was happy to provide a solution that could deliver live content across various devices with extremely high performance. Apart from this, its solution also provides customers with analytics, monetization opportunities as well as scalability, thus making it a preferred choice for various broadcasters.