Limelight-previewThis Tuesday (on August 6, 2013), Limelight Networks, one of the leaders in digital presence management and Content Delivery Networks, announced the results of its global survey that was conducted by TechValidate, an independent research organization, in July 2013 that provided insight on different aspects of online video.

The study revealed the different operational challenges like multiple device support, proper support for mobile phones, ensuring fast and smooth video-on-demand and live streaming as well as reliability and scalability. Apart from that, almost 81% respondents mentioned that online video was extremely important for engaging customers and 35% and 28% mentioned that online video helped in improving their subscriber base and converting prospects into clients respectively. Finally, analytics were considered extremely important by more than 85% respondents who stated that this additional information about the viewers helped them reach out to their target customers better.

At its end, Limelight Networks mentioned that its survey helped in figuring that online video was becoming an extremely important aspect for businesses now, and how the Companies were going to look at it for the next 12 month time-period.