Limelight-previewLast Friday (on September 19, 2014), Limelight Networks, one of the leading providers of Content Delivery Networks and Digital Presence Management services, talked about how its Orchestrate Content Delivery Platform had helped ensure optimal and reliable delivery of digital content during the recent spikes in the Internet traffic.

With a large number of major events like mega live events, device firmware updates, game releases, as well as major broadcast items like a Presidential speech, the Scotland referendum, and other sports and fashion updates resulted in a huge surge in the Internet traffic. Limelight Networks mentioned that during this spike, Limelight experienced more than 40% increase in traffic, achieved new traffic levels for a non-live events, hit new records for traffic from Europe and Asia and delivered more than 10 PB for a customers in less than 24 hours. However, the Limelight Orchestrate as well as its global network was able to deliver this unprecedented spike in traffic without compromising on performance or reliability of the digital content delivery.

At its end, Limelight Networks mentioned that it was both happy and proud that its customers were able to get so many concurrent viewers and downloaders and stated that with more and more people moving to the Internet to view content and with more requests of HD delivery, using a good and scalable solution will become inevitable for customers if they want to ensure low latency.