Limelight-previewYesterday (on April 9, 2013), Limelight Networks, one of the leading providers of innovative Content Delivery Networks and digital presence management solutions, announced that Capcom, one of the leading developer and publisher for online interactive games, has selected its Content Delivery Network and Digital Presence Management solution.

With more than one million views per day, Capcom was desperately looking for a good global solution that could provide it with scalability and also manage its peak traffics, without causing any performance lags for its viewers. During this time, Limelight Networks worked very closely with Capcom and helped them in offloading all the data to its CDN without any downtime, thus delivering on their commitment of providing excellent services. Apart from this, with its globally distributed network, high SLA for availability and stringent performance standards, Limelight Networks became the logical choice for Capcom.

At its end, Limelight Networks mentioned that it was happy to be selected by Capcom and stated that the latter’s popular titles like Street Fighter and Resident Evil are already being optimized using Limelight’s offerings, and by offloading these onto Limelight’s network, Capcom can focus on creating better games without having to worry about infrastructure-related logistics.