metacdn-previewThis Wednesday (on December 18, 2013), MetaCDN, one of the innovative providers of Content Delivery Networks that leverages other federated CDN solutions to provide optimal web performance, announced the 2.2 release of its MetCDN platform that has multiple new features and plans for its Website Accelerator and Live Streaming customers.

The new platform merges the Company’s old Standard, Advanced and Advanced-S plans into a single offering and ensures 100% uptime guarantee, automatic failover, and support for both static and dynamic acceleration along with secure shared SSL over 66 points-of-presence (PoPs) around the world. Similarly, the live streaming offering has also been consolidated to provide Ad-free service, multichannel browsing, local publish points, Facebook playback and multi-channel broadcasting. Both the services now have similar features across plans with only major change in terms of data-usage and bandwidth charges.

At its end, MetaCDN mentioned that it was happy to unveil the changes with its 2.2 Platform release and stated that the new update will help the Company provide more standardized and thus better services to all its small and large customers.