metacdn-previewAbout a month ago (on October 17, 2013), MetaCDN, one of the providers of innovative Content Delivery Network solutions that leverage services of multiple other CDN providers for faster and better content delivery, announced that it had updated it live-streaming platform to ensure better streaming experience for its customers.

Among the main enhancements include the addition of MetaCDN “recommended” live streaming profiles that are provided for both widescreen (16:9) as well as standard (4:3) content across both Flash and mobile platforms. The update also enables broadcasters to provide audio-only and video-only streams to save bandwidth and also has a Helpful insights feature that recommends various best-practice configurations as well as codecs based on the stream settings. Finally, the solution has added a bandwidth guidelines feature, which takes the various parameters of the live stream as input and helps the content publishers in figuring out how much bandwidth they would need to stream the content.

At its end, MetaCDN mentioned that these enhancements will enable its live-streaming providers to broadcast content more effectively to their audiences and stated that the updates were automatically enabled for all its existing customers.