swiftserve-previewThis Thursday (on September 26, 2013), SwiftServe, one of the leading content delivery network providers as well as Federated CDN solution providers, announced that various executives from multiple leading Tier-1 Operators have shown interest in attending its first Annual SwiftServe CDN Federation Conference that is slated to take place in London this Monday (September 30, 2013).

SwiftServe mentioned that the list included multiple operators from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesira, Thailand, Philippines, Japan and UAE among various others. Also, Indonesia’s leading Teir-1 Provider, Telin that had recently created a CDN solution using SwiftServe’s technology mentioned that it would also talk about its experience and provide insights on how SwiftServe’s Federated CDN helped them in delivering a scalable, reliable and high-performing platform.

At its end, SwiftServe mentioned that it was extremely happy to see the huge response and turn-out of its first customer event and stated that the Company would also be presenting at the CDN World Summit what will be held in London from October 1-3.