netdna-previewLast Tuesday (on January 22, 2013), NetDNA, one of the leading providers of global tier-1 Content Delivery Network services, introduced EdgeRules™, the industry’s first instantaneous HTTP caching rules service.

EdgeRules™ is an add-on service to NetDNA’s EdgeCaching™ and EdgeCaching™ for Platforms. It provides more control for site owners over their content, improved security, lower bandwidth costs and the ability to better monetize content by preventing hotlinking. By using this tool, customers of NetDNA will have chance to changes the rules of their content rules and see them enacted without any confirmation from NetDNA support team. This makes it possible for the first time to test, tweak and deploy very granular controls over how and when content is served.

David Henzel, NetDNA vice president of marketing stated that, “NetDNA is well known for giving site managers unprecedented control over their CDN service through our Control Panel. With EdgeRules, website managers have the ability to manage their CDN services their way and to finely tune their pull zone content in a way that they never could before.”

NetDNA mentioned that the EdgeRules™ is now available for all NetDNA EdgeCaching customers. More information can be obtained through 1-877-563-8362, or their web page