Some time back, NetDNA, the fast growing and innovative content delivery network provider, which also has offerings like MaxCDN and CloudCache for reaching out to customers with different requirements, announced that it will be sponsoring delivery of all the bootstrap objects on its Content Delivery Network to developers around the globe for free.

The Company mentioned that over the last few months, there were some discussions on Twitter and GitHub about many people discussing the benefits of having all the bootstrap objects on a CDN for their projects. However, there were no real solutions available, and that is where NetDNA decided to do its bit for the open-source community by stepping in and provide the objects over its CDN. As part of this initiative, NetDNA is not only hosting all the css, javascript and images of Bootstrap’s 2.0.4 version, but the Company will also support SSL for free to ensure that developers who want to use Bootstrap with HTTPS protocol do not hit any security warnings or issues.

The implementation is extremely simple. All you need to do is visit, and replace the URLs in original source code with the ones on the website, and the projects will automatically start leveraging NetDNA’s fast and reliable CDN.