netdna-maxcdn-enterpriseNetDNA, one of the fastest growing providers of innovative Content Delivery Network solutions and the parent Company of the pay-as-you-go MaxCDN and HDDN services, announced that the Company will be undergoing a branding makeover and will now become MaxCDN Enterprise.

NetDNA mentioned that keeping the requirements of different customers in mind, the Company created multiple offerings like MaxCDN, HDDN and CloudCache. However, with the new brands came a problem of managing the social media and enhancement requests of all the solutions. Apart from this, the multiple brands also confused customers who were unaware that all these entities belonged to the same parent Company, NetDNA LLC.

So, with a view to consolidate all the brands and ensure high quality offerings to its customers, the NetDNA offering for enterprise customers will now be branded as MaxCDN Enterprise, whereas all the other offerings (MaxCDN, HDDN and CloudCache) will be merged into MaxCDN. Apart from this, the website will have a new look to reflect the change, and all the support emails will now originate from @maxcdn instead of other entities.

NetDNA also mentioned that this move will not have any pricing or performance-quality impact on the existing customers. The staff and support will all remain same; there will just be a change with the naming (so the customers may see new entities on their bills). More information on the billing related change can be obtained by Clicking Here.