Wednesday (on February 20, 2013), OnApp, one of the leading providers of Cloud, Content Delivery Network and storage solutions, announced that OnApp Cloud v3.0 is now available for all their customers. This upgrade aims to reduce the costs needed to build cloud services and provide new solutions for cloud providers to generate revenue by selling a wider range of services through their core cloud platform. This upgrade also includes services like, integrated SAN, global CDN and new support for VMware clouds.

Ditlev Bredahl, Ceo of OnApp stated that, “With VMware support in v3.0, you can take your cloud brand into the huge VMware market. You can create new services like CDN, and use our network of 140-plus locations to accelerate apps, video and other content for your customers. You can offer utility cloud, packaged cloud, private and public cloud, load balancing, autoscaling, firewalls, DNS and more, all managed through a single control panel.”

At its end, OnApp mentioned that it was happy to release this new upgrade which will enable an environment for service providers to build a successful global cloud business. It will be a free upgrade for customers with previous versions of OnApp Cloud.