Tuesday (on September 16, 2014), OnApp, one of the leading provider of cloud and Content Delivery Network services as well as Federated CDN platform, announced that it had entered in a definitive agreement with the virtual server management system provider, SolusVM, to acquire the latter in a cash deal.

Currently, more than 2000 service providers around the globe make use of SolusVM’s offerings to provide their Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud hosting services and after the acquisition, OnApp will enhance SolusVM to access infrastructure from the OnApp Federation. This step is expected to significantly increase the demand in OnApp Market and thus provide additional revenue streams to various IT infrastructure providers while causing a disruptive change in the field of Infrastructure-as-a-Service. As part of this acquisition, the SolusVM team, which is led by Phill Bandelow will be joining OnApp’s technical workforce.

At their ends, both SolusVM and OnApp were excited with the acquisition announcement; however, the details of the cash transaction have not been made public.